James Estrin

A beautiful short video about fellow (in craft and mindset) photographer James Estrin from the New York Times. “I believe that spiritual experience can happen… more

DanceTracks - New Work

In DanceTracks I combine dance and photography in an interesting way. I have a few friends who are amazing dancers. I invite them to dance in complete darkness.… more

How to Become a Photographer

First and foremost, find a camera that fits you well, one that you like, because it’s about feeling comfortable with what you have in your hands: the equipmen… more


Each photo a story in itself


In DanceTracks I combine dance and photography. Dancers perform in complete darkness while I photographically track their movements.


Some places attract some people. Sometimes we meet such places and for unknown reasons we feel attracted to those places. This project is about such a place, revisited from time to time.


Seeking out places which are untouched by human ambitions. Finding a way to see nature that differs from the usual.